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Concierge Financial Services (CFS)  is a national finance and insurance marketing firm that focuses on auto, motorcycle, marine, RV, and aircraft refinancing. We offer innovative finance solutions with the customer's well-being in mind. While there are a lot of companies out there that can provide a loan or refinance for your vehicle; CFS focuses on setting our customers up for success by saving them money and educating them about what is best for their overall financial situation.

At CFS we're one of the market leaders for low-interest motor vehicle loans and end-of-lease financing programs, in the industry. Our Innovative Financial Solutions provide an excellent value to our customers and partners.

Educating our consumers about their motor vehicle finance options is an area we take pride on. We provide exceptional customer service that helps our clients arrive at the best solution for their needs.

Our expert Executive Loan Specialists find the best possible loan based on a client's unique financial situation. They help them understand how motor vehicle finance works to improve their credit score and reduce payments over time so that they are no longer tied to past financial mistakes.

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Our Story

Who Are We?

Concierge Financial Services (CFS), is one of the nation’s largest motor vehicle finance facilitation companies. Our courteous and professional Executive Loan Specialists at CFS are ready, willing and able to assist. Through our trusted "Lender Partner Network", we offer some of the Lowest Interest Rates in the industry!

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Why Concierge?

Believe it or not, nearly 80% of those who have an expiring lease, are completely unaware of the possible financial pitfalls they could experience at the time of expiration. Or, those who have proven themselves over the last 8-12 months, with timely loan payments, can take advantage of our Rate Reduction Assistance Program™. Through Innovative Financial Solutions, we will help find the right program for you and your family.

What's Our Specialty?

Lease End Services- Concierge Financial Services (CFS) consults potential clients and reviews their lease end (lease expiration) options with them.

Rate Reduction Assistance Program™ (RRAP™)- Through consultation, customers across the country are taking advantage of this unique program reducing their current vehicle loan by almost 6%.

Note: Even though CFS does not work directly for your current leasing/finance company, nor do we perceive to be your current leasing/finance company. We do however, work directly with them. Because your lienholder incurs additional costs to acquire and re-market your vehicle, they are more open to negotiate your "- Buyout" option with our agency on your behalf, thus saving you more money.

How Do We Accomplish This?

When a customer’s lease is about to expire, or you qualify for RRAP™, CFS partners with the largest banks and credit unions to refinance customers out of their current loan/lease and expensive monthly payments. With interest rates, terms and conditions being so flexible, it enables our clients to choose from a variety of payment options.

What is the Bonus?

Our customers keep their current vehicle they already love and CFS helps to LOWER THEIR CURRENT MONTHLY PAYMENT by an average of $93 per month! Our customers could also avoid thousands of dollars in fees at lease expiration (depending on mileage overage fees and any excessive wear and tear/damage fees), or thousands of dollars in interest rate savings over the term of their loan

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